ANUT321 Animal Nutrition

Credit Points 6
Responsible Campus Teaching Period Mode of Study
Armidale Semester 2 Off Campus
Armidale Semester 2 On Campus
Online level Level A - Internet access required
Intensive School(s)
Start Finish Attendance Notes
22 September 2008 25 September 2008 Compulsory None
Supervised Exam There is a UNE Supervised Examination held at the end of the teaching period in which you are enrolled.
Pre-requisites BCHM210 or BCHM210A; or candidature in postgraduate award in the School of Environmental and Rural Science or School of Science and Technology
Co-requisites None
Restrictions ANUT 221, 521
Notes None
Combined Units ANUT521 - Animal Nutrition
Coordinator(s) Darryl Savage (
Unit Description

This unit introduces basic concepts in digestion and metabolism and their integration through endocrine functions. The unit includes metabolic hormones; the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system; the relation of nutrition to other constraints to animal production; principles of food analysis; energy and protein requirements of ruminants and non-ruminants; protein quality; nutritional roles of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids; minerals and vitamins; ecological factors in trace element deficiency; diet formulation. Practical work is mainly in animal experimentation related to production.

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Animal Nutrition

ISBN: 9780582419063
McDonald, P. and others, Prentice-Hall 6th ed. 2002

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