Graduate Certificate in Arts

Why study the Graduate Certificate in Arts at UNE?

The Graduate Certificate in Arts is designed to enable graduates to commence or pursue further studies in an area of personal interest. Students are able to tailor a program of study to suit their interests.

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2 Years Part-time
0.5 Years Full-time


Commonwealth Supported Place


Semester 1, Off Campus
Semester 1, On Campus
Semester 2, Off Campus
Semester 2, On Campus

Official Abbreviation GradCertArts
Course Type Postgraduate
Responsible Campus Admission Period Mode of Study
Armidale Semester 1 Off Campus
Armidale Semester 1 On Campus
Armidale Semester 2 Off Campus
Armidale Semester 2 On Campus
Course Duration
  • 2 Years Part-time
  • 0.5 Years Full-time
Fees Commonwealth Supported Place
Total Credit Points 24
Intensive Schools

Intensive mandatory schools may be a requirement of some of the units in this course. See Unit Catalogue for specific requirements.

Entry Requirements

A degree or an equivalent qualification.

Additional Requirements

Applicants for theGraduate Certificate in Arts (Urban and Regional Planning) are required to have approved relevant professional experience.

Academic Colours

white (BCC 1)

Further Information

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These course rules & plans are ONLY to be used if you commenced, transferred or changed versions in the Graduate Certificate in Arts in 2009.

1. Admission to Candidature
1.1. An applicant for admission to candidature for the Graduate Certificate shall either:
(a) have fulfilled all requirements for a degree of Bachelor of the University or shall have fulfilled the requirements for a degree or qualification of equivalent standing at another University or institution recognised by the school concerned for this purpose; or
(b) in the case of the Graduate Certificate in Arts (Urban and Regional Planning) shall provide evidence of successful tertiary study and relevant professional experience, to show to the satisfaction of the relevant school that he or she is adequately prepared for the candidature.

2. Course Requirements
2.1. To qualify for the award of Graduate Certificate in Arts a candidate shall pass units to the value of 24 credit points at 200, 300 or 400 level approved by the course coordinator
2.2. Units shall be selected from the following list of subjects unless otherwise approved by the course coordinator:
Aboriginal Studies, Ancient History, Indigenouse Studies, Peace Studies, Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology, Asian Studies, Chinese (Mandarin), Classical Languages (Greek/Latin), Communication Studies, English, European Cultures, French, Geography, German, History, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Music, Peace Studies, Philosophy, Political and International Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Studies in Religion, Theatre Studies, Urban and Regional Planning(units defined as Urban and Regional Planning consist of 24 cp selected from the following: ENVE 237; GEPL 301, 302, 316, 320, 322, 345, 350), Women‘s and Gender Studies.
With the permission of the course coordinator, units in other subjects may be included.

3. Period of Candidature
3.1. The expected period of candidature for full-time candidates to complete requirements is one semester.
3.2. Part-time candidates shall complete requirements in not more than four semesters.
3.3. Where a candidate has been granted advanced standing towards the certificate, the faculty may reduce proportionately the period of candidature.

4. Advanced Standing
4.1. At the discretion of the course coordinator, a candidate may be granted advanced standing towards the Graduate Certificate.
4.2. A candidate may be granted advanced standing to a maximum of six credit points on the basis of units passed at this or another University or institution recognised for this purpose provided they have reasonable correspondence to units of course work available towards the Graduate Certificate.
4.3. Applications for advanced standing may be considered on the basis of professional experience under Advanced Standing Rule 1.3.

5. Award of the Graduate Certificate
Graduating students in the Graduate Certificate in Arts who have successfully completed at least 24 credit points, including at least 12 credit points at 300 level, in one subject defined in Rule 2.1. or an approved course of study as determined by the relevant School Teaching and Learning Committee may request that the one subject or approved course of study appear on their testamur for the Graduate Certificate in Arts.

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