PSYC399 Special Topics in Psychological Research

Updated: 02 August 2017
Credit Points 6
Responsible Campus Teaching Period Mode of Study
Armidale Trimester 1 Off Campus
Armidale Trimester 1 On Campus
Armidale Trimester 2 Off Campus
Armidale Trimester 2 On Campus
Armidale Trimester 3 Off Campus
Intensive School(s) None
Supervised Exam There is no UNE Supervised Examination.
Pre-requisites PSYC202 or PESS202 or equivalent and Distinction or better in 18cp in PSYC at 200 or 300 level and permission of the unit coordinator or overseas exchange enrolment and permission of the unit coordinator and/or the convener of psychology.
Co-requisites None
Restrictions None
Notes None
Combined Units None
Coordinator(s) Natasha Loi (
Unit Description

A supervised program of advanced study in psychological research. The special topics are tailored to meet the needs of individual students and can involve guided reading, project studies and field or laboratory investigations as appropriate. Enrolment is subject to pre-arranged supervisory consent from a member of the academic staff (the supervisor), the approval of the unit coordinator and/or the convener of psychology, and the fulfilment of unit pre-requisites.

Recommended Material


Note: Recommended material is held in the University Library - purchase is optional

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

ISBN: 9781433805615
American Psychological Association, APA 6th ed. 2010

Text refers to: Trimesters 1, 2 and 3, On and Off Campus

Disclaimer Unit information may be subject to change prior to commencement of the teaching period.
Title Exam Length Weight Mode No. Words
Compulsory Essay/Report 100% 5000
Assessment Notes

The supervisor will return comments on a draft of the final research essay/report back to the student before final submission.

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1-4

Learning Outcomes (LO) Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. independently research and apply established theories and appropriate methodology to undertake a specialised psychological research report;
  2. critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise information, problems, concepts and theories as they relate to psychology;
  3. interpret and transmit knowledge, skills and ideas, including problem solving skills to both specialist and non-specialist audiences through a written report; and
  4. model specialist analysis, research, and communication skills that contribute to life-long application in a professional career.