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Unit ID Unit Title Teaching Period Mode Int School Exam


JAPN101 Japanese Language 1A TRI-1 OF, ON None Yes
JAPN102 Japanese Language 1B TRI-2 OF, ON None Yes
JAPN201 Japanese Language 2A TRI-1 OF, ON None Yes
JAPN202 Japanese Language 2B TRI-2 OF, ON None Yes
JAPN215 Introduction to Japanese Sociolinguistics TRI-2 OL None No
JAPN235 Extensive Reading in Japanese TRI-2, TRI-3 OL, ON None No
JAPN245 Introduction to Japanese Popular Culture (not offered in 2017) None No
JAPN301 Japanese Language 3A TRI-1 OF None Yes
JAPN302 Japanese Language 3B TRI-2 OF, ON None Yes
JAPN311 Written Japanese 4A TRI-1 OF None Yes
JAPN312 Written Japanese 4B TRI-2 OF None Yes
JAPN401H Japanese Hons Coursework YR_LONG_1 OF, ON None No
JAPN402H Japanese Hons Dissertation YR_LONG_H1 OF, ON None No
JAPN421 Japanese Language 5A (not offered in 2017) None No
JAPN422 Advanced Japanese Reading Unit TRI-1 OL None No

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