HSC University Pathways

Why study the HSC University Pathways at UNE?

Your student or child is one of a select few who may be able to undertake a university unit that supplements their HSC education, and provides advanced standing into a university course of their choice. At UNE this program is unique as it is offered as a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), meaning that if you are an eligible domestic student you may defer your tuition through HECS-HELP.

The HSC University Pathways is designed for students who have completed an ATAR acceptable subject before starting year 12. UNE offers a range of first year units, which can be completed in the first semester of year, allowing students to focus on their HSC in the latter half of the year.

Recommended Units

Below is a list of units students may be eligible for, based on their HSC studies. These units are available in a wide range of university degrees:

AFM101 Introduction to Financial Accounting**

BIOL110 Biology I*

CHEM110 Chemistry I*

CRIM100 Understanding Crime

ECON101 Introductory Microeconomics

GEPL111 Earth in Crisis?

LAW100 Introduction to Legal Systems and Methods

LING101 Introduction to Linguistics

MTHS110 Quantitative Skills with Applications**

MUSI101 Aural Skills 1

PHIL151 Introduction to Philosophy A: Ethics, the Self and the Possibilities of Freedom

PHYS131 Applied Physics I*

PSYC101 Introductory Psychology I

SOCY100 Introduction to Sociology

*Mandatory on-campus intensive school

**Optional on-campus intensive school

These units are featured in a number of the most popular UNE degree courses. These include, but are not limited to:

Bachelor of Arts (including Law and Teaching variants)

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Criminology

Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

Bachelor of Science (including Law and Teaching variants)

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science have many other associated degrees that also include these units. It is strongly advised that students, parents and school advisors contact UNE to seek advice on which units are appropriate for entry into degrees.

Step by step to applying:

Step One:

Download the HSC Pathways Entry Form (see How to apply field on Further Information tab)

Step Two:

Write your Board of Studies number and name at the top of each page. Fill in Part A of the form.

Step Three:

Gather together any additional documentation required for your application.

Step Four:

Deliver your form to your Principal (or whoever is responsible for them at your school, such as your Careers Advisor).

Step Five:

Relax while your school completes Part B of the form and submits it to UNE on your behalf.

Step Six:

You will get an email advising you that your HSC Pathways application has been received by UNE.

Step Seven:

Accept your offer of admission directly through UNE.

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Degree Snapshot


1 Trimester Part-time


Commonwealth Supported Place


Trimester 1, Online

Course Type Foundation Studies
Responsible Campus Admission Period Mode of Study
Armidale Trimester 1 Online
Course Duration
  • 1 Trimester Part-time
Fees Commonwealth Supported Place
Total Credit Points 6
Entry Requirements

To be eligible students need to:

have completed at least one Board of Studies accredited subject (that is acceptable for an ATAR) at HSC Stage 6 before the start of year 12; and

have been recommended by their School Principal.

Further Information

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