Advanced Diploma in Arts


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Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Unit for this Minor
Complete the following unit:
6 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
MUSI101 Aural Skills 1 6  
Listed Units for this Minor
Complete 6 credit points from the following units:
6 cps
MUSI110 Harmony and Analysis 1 6  
MUSI121 Foundation Studies in Musical Performance 6  
MUSI130 Music Cultures 6  
MUSI140 Creative Portfolio 1 6  
MUSI160 Fundamentals of Music Technology 6  
And complete 12 credit credit points from the following units: 12 cps
MUSI201 Aural Skills 2 6  
MUSI208 Foundations in Music Composition 6  
MUSI210 Harmony and Analysis 2 6  
MUSI221 Songwriting for Contemporary Performance 6  
MUSI235 Popular Music 6  
MUSI236 Western Music History: Beginnings to Baroque 6  
MUSI237 Western Music History: 18th and 19th Centuries 6  
MUSI240 Creative Portfolio 2 6  
MUSI253 Private Studio Pedagogy 6  
MUSI260 Electronic Music Production 6  
MUSI301 Aural Skills 3 6  
MUSI310 Harmony and Analysis 3 6  
MUSI321 Live Sound, Media and Performance 6  
MUSI338 Western Music History: 20th and 21st Centuries 6  
MUSI339 Global Music History 6  
MUSI340 Creative Portfolio 3 6  
MUSI353 Ensemble Leadership 6  
MUSI361 Studio Recording Practice 6  
MUSI364 Screen Composition and Sound Design 6  
MUSI366 Digital Musicology 6  
MUSI390 Professional Practice of Music 6  
Total 24 cps

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