Advanced Diploma in Arts


Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Units for this Minor
Complete the following units:
12 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
SOCY100 Introduction to Sociology 6  
SOCY110 Foundations of Society 6  
Listed Units for this Minor
Complete 12 credit points from the following units:
12 cps
SOCY300 The City and Social Change 6  
SOCY301 Changing Climate, Changing Lives 6  
SOCY307 Media and Society 6  
SOCY308 Contemporary Social Theory: Debates and Controversies 6  
SOCY313 Australian Social and Public Policy 6  
SOCY319 Global Societal Challenges 6  
SOCY321 Sociology of Health and Illness 6  
SOCY332 Popular Culture and Consumer Society 6  
SOCY336 The Family and Children in Society 6  
SOCY340 Foundations of Modernity: An Introduction to Social Theory 6  
SOCY345 Mixed Methods in Social Research 6  
SOCY350 Migration, Society and Diversity 6  
SOCY354 The Sociology of Youth and Delinquency 6  
SOCY356 The State, Power and Violence 6  
SOCY360 Power, Inequality and Social Mobility 6  
SOCY374 Mental Health and Society 6  
SOCY382 21st Century Sex: Gender, Pleasure and Social Change 6  
SOCY393 The Body in Society 6  
Total 24 cps

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