Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business


Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Units for this Major
Complete the following units:
36 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AFM112 Introduction to Management Accounting 6  
AFM211* Intermediate Financial Accounting 6  
AFM275 Accounting Information Systems 6  
AFM301 Accounting Theory 6  
AFM305* Advanced Financial Accounting 6  
AFM319* Auditing 6  
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 12 credit points with at least 6 credit points at 300-level from the following units:
12 cps
AFM103 Introductory Finance 6  
AFM231* Corporate Finance 6  
AFM242 Financial Instruments and Markets 6  
AFM302 Financial Planning 6  
AFM306 Issues in Management Accounting 6  
AFM321 Accounting Project 6  
AFM322 Small Business Finance 6  
AFM324 Small Business Management 6  
AFM340 Fraud Prevention and Investigation 6  
AFM367 Superannuation and Retirement 6  
BUS399 Business in Action 6  
COSC372 Management Information Systems 6  
ECON102* Introductory Macroeconomics 6  
LSSU251* Introduction to Business Law 6  
LSSU350^ Commercial Law 1: Principles of Australian Law 6  
LSSU391* Principles of Corporation Law 6  
LSSU392* Principles of Taxation Law 6  
LSSU493^ Advanced Taxation Law 6  
OSSE300 Overseas Study Experience 6  
WORK300 Work Integrated Learning - Professional Skills Development 6  

* Note: Students seeking Professional Body Entry will need to complete these units as part of the Major.
^ Note: In order to meet the Tax Practitioners Board accreditation course requirements, students will need to complete three commercial law units (LSSU251, LSSU350 and LSSU391) and two Australian Taxation law units (LSSU392 and LSSU493).
For information relating to accreditation by CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) please click here: Professional Accounting Accreditation.
Note: AFM302 in conjunction with AFM242 and LSSU392 provides ASIC RG146 Compliance for Tier 1 generic knowledge and skills as well as Tier 2 specialist knowledge in Financial Planning (A2.1).
AFM302 in conjunction with AFM242 provides ASIC RG146 Compliance for Tier 2 specialist knowledge in Securities (A2.2).
AFM367 provides ASIC RG146 Compliance for specialist knowledge in Superannuation (A2.5).

Total 48 cps

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