Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws

Program of Study Course cps
Bachelor of Agriculture component:
Core Units
Complete the following units:
78 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AGEX310 Agricultural and Natural Resource Extension 6  
AGRO211 Identification and Adaptation of Agricultural Plants 6  
AGRO223 Agricultural Ecology and Crop Physiology 6  
AGRO311 Plant Protection 6  
AGRO321 Crop Production 6  
ANPR211 Animal Production Systems and Products 6  
ANPR321 Animal Function, Health and Welfare 6  
BIOL110 Biology I 6  
BIOL120 Biology II 6  
ECON223 Farm and Resource Management 6  
GENE251 Introduction to Breeding and Genetics 6  
SOIL222 Soil Science 6  
STAT100 Introduction to Statistical Modelling 6  
Prescribed Units
Complete 6 credit points from the following units:
6 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
CHEM100 Introductory Chemistry 6  
CHEM110 Chemistry 1 6  
Practical Experience
PRACEXP Practical Experience 0  
Complete 12 weeks of practical experience as prescribed by the School. Further details can be found at the following link ERS Practical Experience.  
Bachelor of Agriculture component:
Listed Units
Complete 12 credit points from the following units:
12 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AGSY300 Grazing Systems 6  
ANPR315 Constraints to Animal Production 6  
NR311 Natural Resource Policy and the Community 6  
RSNR302 Integrated Water Resource Management 6  
RSNR303 Sustainable Land Management 6  
Or any other unit offered by the University subject to candidates meeting overall course requirements and prerequisite and timetabling requirements for individual units.  
Bachelor of Laws component:
Core Units
Complete the following units:
96 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
LAW100 Foundations of Law 6  
LAW101 Law in Context 6  
LAW102 Legal Professional Skills 6  
LAW131 Torts Law 6  
LAW162 Criminal Law 6  
LAW172 Law of Contract I 6  
LAW283 Property Law 6  
LAW310 Civil Dispute Resolution 6  
LAW313 Evidence and Proof 6  
LAW320 Professional Conduct 6  
LAW340 Equity and Trusts 6  
LAW351 Corporations Law 6  
LAW399 Constitutional Law 6  
LAW400 Administrative Law 6  
LAW480 Remedies and Advanced Legal Skills 6  
LAW499 Technology and the Law 6  

Listed Units
* Coursework candidates complete 48 credit points from the following units:
* Honours candidates complete 30 credit points from the following units:

30-48 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
LAW157 Alternative Dispute Resolution 6  
LAW164 Law and First Peoples of Australia 6  
LAW201 Sports Law 6  
LAW206 Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law 6  
LAW207 Water Law and Governance 6  
LAW260 Conflict of Laws (World Legal Systems) 6  
LAW270 Interviewing for Advocacy 6  
LAW301 Succession 6  
LAW305 Taxation of Capital Gains 6  
LAW307 Comparative Corporate Governance Law 6  
LAW308 Employment Law 6  
LAW314 Advanced Criminal Law 6  
LAW315 Criminal Sentencing and Punishinment 6  
LAW316 Commonwealth Criminal Law 6  
LAW318 Law of the Sea 6  
LAW321 Conveyancing 6  
LAW323 Intellectual Property Law 6  
LAW324 International Investment Law 6  
LAW325 International Trade Law 6  
LAW326 Human Rights 6  
LAW332 Industrial Law 6  
LAW336 Local Government Law 6  
LAW337 Innovation Law 6  
LAW338 Biotechnology Law 6  
LAW339 Law and Neuroscience 6  
LAW341 Environmental Law 6  
LAW342 Medico-Legal Issues 6  
LAW343 Contemporary Issues in Health Law 6  
LAW344 Banking and Finance Law 6  
LAW345 Animal Law 6  
LAW346 Law and Crisis: The Use of Emergency Powers 6  
LAW349 International Environmental Law 6  
LAW352 Taxation Law 6  
LAW358 Natural Resources Law 6  
LAW359 Advanced Torts 6  
LAW361 International Law 6  
LAW370 Family Law 6  
LAW375 Australian Competition and Consumer Law 6  
LAW377 Information Technology Law 6  
LAW379 Commercial Law 6  
LAW389 Legal Practice in Rural and Regional Communities 6  
LAW391 International Criminal Law 6  
LAW395 Special Studies in Law (C) 6  
LAW396 Special Studies in Law (A) 6  
LAW397 Special Studies in Law (B) 6  
LAW398 Local Court Internship Program 6  
LAW447 NDIS and Disability Legal Issues 6  
LAW455 Jurisprudence 6  
LAW493 Advanced Taxation Law 6  
OSSE300 Overseas Study Experience 6  
WORK300 Integrated Learning - Professional Skills Development 6  
Candidates who have completed 96 credit points of the course with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5 or better may select one LLM unit in which to enrol, not being LLM520, LLM522 or LLM533.  
Honours Units
* Coursework candidates complete 0 credit points.
* Honours candidates complete 18 credit points from the following units:
0-18 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
LAW490 Honours in Law 12  
LLM500 Research Methodology and Theory 6  
Total 240 cps

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