Bachelor of Agriculture


Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Units for this Major
Complete the following units:
48 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AGRO321 Crop Production 6  
ANPR321 Animal Function, Health and Welfare 6  
COSC110 Introduction to Programming and the UNIX Environment 6  
EM334 Introduction to GIS and Spatial Thinking 6  
NR331 Remote Sensing and Surveying 6  
PA335 Precision Agriculture 6  
SOIL222 Soil Science 6  
SOIL311 Productive Soil Systems 6  
And complete 6 credit points from the following units:
6 cps
AMTH140 Discrete Mathematics 6  
MTHS110 Quantitative Skills with Applications 6  
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 12-24 credit points from the following units and no more than 12 credit points at 400-level:
12-24 cps
AGRO311 Plant Protection 6  
AGSY300 Grazing Systems 6  
AGSY430 International Agricultural Systems 6  
COSC120 Object Oriented Programming 6  
COSC210 Database Management Systems 6  
COSC220 Software Development Studio 2 6  
COSC230 Data Structures and Algorithms 6  
COSC240 Operating Systems 6  
COSC340 Computer Networks and Information Security 6  
COSC370 User Experience and Interaction Design 6  
EM336 Remote Sensing and Image Analysis 6  
ENGT352 Principles of Hydrology 6  
ERS381 Project Report in Environmental and Rural Science 6  
GENE352 Genomic Analysis and Bioinformatics 6  
GENE422 Genetic Evaluation and Breeding Program Design 6  
PHYS313 Applied Photonics 6  
STAT210 Statistical Modelling ad Experimental Design 6  
Elective Units
Or complete a maximum of 12 credit points as follows:
0-12 cps
Elective Units can be selected from any unit offered by the University subject to candidates meeting overall course requirements (not more than 60 credit points at 100-level, at least 36 credit points at 300-level and not more than 12 credit points at 400-level) and prerequisite and timetabling requirements for individual units..  
Total 78 cps

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