Bachelor of Criminology

Justice, Politics and Society

Program of Study

Credit Points

Listed Units:
Complete 48 credit points from the following units:
48 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
CRIM207 Victimology 6  
CRIM302 What's Sex Got to Do With it? Sex, Crime and Justice 6  
CRIM308 Drugs, Alcohol and Crime in Australia 6  
CRIM309 Crimes Against Humanity 6  
CRIM314 Policing and Social Control 6  
CRIM324 Prisons and Punishment 6  
CRIM394 Transnational and Organised Crime 6  
HSSW304 Juvenile Justice and Child Protection 6  
LING244 Language and the Law 6  
PAIS101 Beyond Lies and Spin: Why Politics Matters 6  
PAIS318 Australia's Relations with Asia 6  
PAIS352 International and Human Rights 6  
PAIS375 Social Philosophy: Issues in Applied Ethics 6  
SOCY300 The City and Social Control 6  
SOCY313 Australian Social and Public Policy 6  
SOCY319 Global Societal Challenges 6  
SOCY354 The Sociology of Youth and Delinquency 6  
SOCY356 The State, Power and Violence 6  
SOCY360 Power, Inequality and Social Mobility 6  
SOCY374 Mental Health and Society 6  
Total 48 cps

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