Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science

Program of Study Course cps
Core Units
Complete the following units:
126 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
ANAT110 Introduction to Human Anatomy 6  
ANAT120 Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy 6  
EXSC101 Monitoring Health and Sports Performance 6  
EXSC120 Orientation to Exercise and Sports Science 6  
EXSC210 Introductory Biomechanics 6  
EXSC220 Introductory Exercise Physiology 6  
EXSC230 Physical Activity and Health 6  
EXSC239 Motor Skill Acquisition and Performance 6  
EXSC260 Training for Physical Fitness 6  
EXSC310 Advanced Biomechanics 6  
EXSC322 Practicum in Exercise and Sport 6  
EXSC335 Motor Control and Human Development 6  
EXSC340 Advanced Exercise Physiology 6  
EXSC360 Exercise and Health Assessment 6  
EXSC370 Exercise Prescription and Programming 6  
HUMN240 Issues in Human Nutrition 6  
PSIO110 Introductory Human Physiology 1 6  
PSIO120 Introductory Human Physiology 2 6  
PSYC101 Introductory Psychology I 6  
PSYC308 Sport and Exercise Psychology 6  
STAT100 Introduction to Statistical Modelling 6  
Listed Units
Complete 18 credit points from the following units:
18 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AFM112 Introduction to Management Accounting 6  
EDPE150 Sociocultural Foundations of Health and Physical Education 6  
EXSC341 Clinical Exercise Physiology I 6  
EXSC342 Clinical Exercise Physiology II 6  
EXSC343 Clinical Exercise Physiology III 6  
HLTH330 Health Promotion in Practice 6  
HSHM305 Law, Ethics, Advocacy and Health Care 6  
LAW201 Sports Law 6  
MM105 Communication for Business 6  
MM110 Fundamentals of Marketing 6  
NEUR330 A Walk Through the Brain 6  
NEUR337 Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour 6  
Total 144 cps

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