Bachelor of International Studies

Global Politics and Peace

Program of Study Credit Points
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 36 credit points from the following units:
36 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
BUS202 International Business 6  
CRIM309 Crimes Against Humanity 6  
ECON320 International Political Economy 6  
ECON345 The Elephant and the Dragon: India and China in the Asian Century 6  
HIST328 Modern Europe in War and Peace: 1918 to Yesterday 6  
HIST343 Islam in the Modern World 6  
HIST357 War, Nations and Empires: Modern, Europe, 1789-1914 6  
PAIS313 China and the World 6  
PAIS314 21st Century International Relations 6  
PAIS315 Contemporary Challenges to Global Security 6  
PAIS316 Paradise Lost? Governance in the Pacific 6  
PAIS318 Australia's Relations with Asia 6  
PAIS352 International Human Rights 6  
PAIS365 Politics and the Environment: Intersecting Crises 6  
PAIS380 Dragon in Chains? Contemporary Chinese Politics 6  
PAIS390 Politics in the Developing World 6  
PEAC303 Active Resistance: Contemporary Nonviolence 6  
PEAC304 Environmental Security and Peaceful Futures 6  
PEAC328 Resolution or Transformation of Conflict 6  
PEAC352 Building Peace in Post-Conflict Situations 6  
Total 36 cps

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