Bachelor of International Studies


Program of Study Credit Points
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 36 credit points in ONE language with at least 12 credit points at 300-level and not more than 12 credit points at 400-level from the following units:
36 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
CHIN101 Chinese Language 1A 6  
CHIN102 Chinese Language 1B 6  
CHIN201 Chinese Language 2A 6  
CHIN202 Chinese Language 2B 6  
CHIN211 Chinese Calligraphy 6  
CHIN304 Chinese Language 3A 6  
CHIN305 Intermediate Chinese: Listening 6  
CHIN310/410 Advanced Chinese 1: Writing 6  
CHIN320/420 Advanced Chinese 2: Translation 6  
CHIN325/525 Contemporary Chinese Culture 6  
CHIN330/430 Advanced Chinese 3: Tradition and Modernity 6  
CIJ210 Cultural Expression in Modern Asia 6  
Classical Languages  
CLLA101 Introduction to Classical Languages 6  
CLLA102 Classical Languages Through Reading 6  
CLLA201 Intermediate Classical Languages 6  
CLLA202 Intermediate Classical Texts 6  
CLLA301 Advanced Classical Languages 6  
CLLA302 Advanced Classical Texts 6  
CLLA303 Classical Prose Texts 6  
CLLA304 Classical Verse Texts 6  
FREN101 French Language 1A 6  
FREN102 French Language 1B 6  
FREN201 French Language 2A 6  
FREN202 French Language 2B 6  
FREN203 French Oral Expression 6  
FREN204 French Through Contemporary Culture 6  
FREN206 French Cinema 6  
FREN301 French Language 3A 6  
FREN302 French Language 3B 6  
FREN303 French Translation 1 6  
FREN304 French Translation 2 6  
FREN306 Women in French Texts 6  
FREN307 French Through Literature: Modernity 6  
GRMN101 German Language 1A 6  
GRMN102 German Language 1B 6  
GRMN201 German Language 2A 6  
GRMN202 German Language 2B 6  
GRMN203 German Social Movements in the European Context 6  
GRMN210 German Reading Skills 6  
GRMN303 Contemporary German Short Stories 6  
GRMN304 Contemporary German Film 6  
GRMN307 German Language 3A 6  
GRMN308 German Language 3B 6  
GRMN309 German Conversational Skills: Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation 6  
GRMN310 Beyond "Inspector Rex": German Crime Fiction 6  
GRMN311 "Es war einmal..." - German Children's Literature 6  
CIJ210 Cultural Expression in Modern Asia 6  
INDN101 Indonesian Language 1A 6  
INDN102 Indonesian Language 1B 6  
INDN201 Indonesian Language 2A 6  
INDN202 Indonesian Language 2B 6  
INDN211 Indonesian In-Country Study 3 6  
INDN212 Indonesian In-Country Study 4 6  
INDN301 Indonesian Language 3A 6  
INDN302 Indonesian Language 3B 6  
INDN311 Indonesian In-Country Study 5 6  
INDN312 Indonesian In-Country Study 6 6  
INDN315 Contemporary Indonesian Culture 6  
INDN330 A History of Indonesian and its Role in Society 6  
INDN331 Reading Islamic Texts: State, Religion and Conflicts 6  
INDN441 Contemporary Issues in Indonesian Culture and Society 6  
ITAL101 Italian Language 1A 6  
ITAL102 Italian Language 1B 6  
ITAL201 Italian Language 2A 6  
ITAL202 Italian Language 2B 6  
ITAL203 Introduction to Modern Italian Literature and Culture 6  
ITAL205 Introduction to the Italian Renaissance 6  
ITAL301 Italian Language 3A 6  
ITAL302 Italian Language 3B 6  
ITAL304 Modern Italian Novel 6  
ITAL308 20th Century Women Writers in Italy 6  
ITAL309 Sixteenth-Century Italian Literature 6  
ITAL311 The Crowns of Italian Literature: Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio 6  
ITAL313 The Italian Detective Novel 6  
ITAL414 Grandeur and Decline: The Novel in Sicily 6  
CIJ210 Cultural Expression in Modern Asia 6  
JAPN101 Japanese Language 1A 6  
JAPN102 Japanese Language 1B 6  
JAPN201 Japanese Language 2A 6  
JAPN202 Japanese Language 2B 6  
JAPN215 Introduction to Japanese Sociolinguistics 6  
JAPN235 Extensive Reading in Japanese 6  
JAPN245 Introduction to Japanese Popular Culture 6  
JAPN301 Japanese Language 3A 6  
JAPN302 Japanese Language 3B 6  
JAPN311 Written Japanese 4A 6  
JAPN312 Written Japanese 4B 6  
JAPN421 Exploring Japanese Sociolinguistics 6  
JAPN422 Advanced Japanese Reading Unit 6  
SPAN101 Introductory Spanish I 6  
SPAN102 Introductory Spanish II 6  
SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish Language I 6  
SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish Language II 6  
SPAN203 The Sound of Spanish: Diction, Dialects and Diversity 6  
SPAN204 Hispanic Culture and Heritage 6  
SPAN301 Advanced Spanish Language 6  
SPAN302 Talking Cine: Spanish Conversation on Film 6  
SPAN303 Travellers' Tales: The Invention of Latin America 6  
SPAN304 Theory and Practice of Translation 6  
SPAN305 Latin American Voices 6  
SPAN306 Latin American Rhythms and Politics: From Tango to Rock 6  
Total 36 cps
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