Bachelor of International Studies


Program of Study Credit Points
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 36 credit points from the following units:
36 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AGFD200 Barley to Beer: Food Security 6  
COMM389 Human Rights on Screen 6  
CRIM394 Transnational and Organised Crime 6  
ENGL383 World Literature: Words Without Borders 6  
GEPL307 Climate Change and Future Planning 6  
GEPL309 Natural Hazards 6  
GEPL322 Cradle to Grave: Population Geography 6  
HIST329 Australia and the World: An International History 6  
IDIG311 Indigenous Peoples and Colonisation: Land and Nature 6  
ISLM344 Islam and the West: the Clash of Civilisations? 6  
PAIS361 Sex, Crime and Corruption 6  
PEAC308 Creating Cultures of Peace 6  
PEAC354 Post-Conflict Justice and Reconciliation Processes 6  
PEAC373 Globalisation as if People and Ecosystems Matter 6  
PEAC388 Refugees, Rights and Responsibilities across the Contemporary World 6  
RELS381 Chinese and Japanese Religion: A History 6  
RELS385 Women, Gender and the World's Religions 6  
SOCY300 The City and Social Change 6  
SOCY301 Changing Climate, Changing Lives 6  
SOCY319 Global Societal Challenges 6  
SOCY356 The State, Power and Violence 6  
Total 36 cps

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