Bachelor of Languages


Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Units for this Major
Complete the following units:
36 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
CHIN101 Chinese Language 1A 6  
CHIN102 Chinese Language 1B 6  
CHIN201 Chinese Language 2A 6  
CHIN202 Chinese Language 2B 6  
CHIN304 Chinese Language 3A 6  
CHIN305 Intermediate Chinese: Listening 6  
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 12 or 24 credit points from the following units with at least 6 credit points at 300/400-level:
12 or 24 cps
CHIN211 Chinese Calligraphy 6  
CHIN310/410 Advanced Chinese 1: Writing 6  
CHIN320/420 Advanced Chinese 2: Translation 6  
CHIN325 Contemporary Chinese Culture 6  
CHIN330/430 Advanced Chinese 3: Tradition and Modernity 6  
CIJ210 Cultural Expression in Modern Asia 6  
Total 48 or 60 cps

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