Bachelor of Music

Program of Study Course cps
Core Units
Complete the following units:
54 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
MUSI101 Aural Skills 1 6  
MUSI110 Harmony and Analysis 1 6  
MUSI130 Music Cultures 6  
MUSI160 Fundamentals of Music Technology 6  
MUSI201 Aural Skills 2 6  
MUSI210 Harmony and Analysis 2 6  
MUSI236 Western Music History: Beginnings to Baroque 6  
MUSI237 Western Music History: 18th and 19th Centuries 6  
OORA100 Aboriginal Resilience and the Arts 6  
Group A - Listed Units
Complete 6-12 credit points from the following units:
6-12 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
MUSI121 Foundation Studies in Musical Performance 6  
MUSI140 Creative Portfolio 1 6  
Group B - And complete 12-36 credit points from the following units: 12-36 cps
MUSI208 Foundations in Music Composition 6  
MUSI221 Songwriting for Contemporary Performance 6  
MUSI235 Popular Music 6  
MUSI240 Creative Portfolio 2 6  
MUSI253 Private Studio Pedagogy 6  
MUSI260 Electronic Music Production 6  
Group C - And complete 36-66 credit points from the following units: 36-66 cps
MUSI301 Aural Skills 3 6  
MUSI310 Harmony and Analysis 3 6  
MUSI321 Live Sound, Media and Performance 6  
MUSI338 Western Music History: 20th and 21st Centuries 6  
MUSI339 Global Music History 6  
MUSI340 Creative Portfolio 3 6  
MUSI353 Ensemble Leadership 6  
MUSI361 Studio Recording Practice 6  
MUSI364 Screen Composition and Sound Design 6  
MUSI366 Digital Musicology 6  
MUSI390 Professional Practice of Music 6  
Group D - And complete 0-36 credit points from the following units: 0-36 cps
ARTS301 Research and Professional Practice 6  
ARTS302 Research and Professional Practice II 6  
MM110 Fundamentals of Marketing 6  
MUSI119* Instrumental/Vocal Studies 1 6  
MUSI129* Instrumental/Vocal Studies 2 6  
MUSI219* Instrumental/Vocal Studies 3 6  
MUSI229* Instrumental/Vocal Studies 4 6  
THEA110 Ideas of Theatre I 6  
WRIT303 Research in Writing 6  
Elective Units
Complete 0-42 credit points from the following:
0-42 cps
Elective Units can be selected from any unit offered by the University subject to candidates meeting overall course requirements and prerequisite and timetabling requirements for individual units.  
Total 144 cps
*Units marked with an asterisk '*' must be undertaken in partnership with an approved host institution that has an established agreement with UNE. Students should only undertake these units if they are able to meet the attendance requirements of the approved host institution.

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