Bachelor of Rural Science

Program of Study Course cps
Core Units
Complete the following units:
162 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AGEX310 Agricultural and Natural Resource Extension 6  
AGRO211 Identification and Adaptation of Agricultural Plants 6  
AGRO223 Agricultural Ecology and Crop Physiology 6  
AGRO311 Plant Protection 6  
AGRO321 Crop Production 6  
AGSY300 Grazing Systems 6  
AGSY410 Problem Solving in Farm Systems 6  
ANPR211 Animal Production Systems and Products 6  
ANPR321 Animal Function, Health and Welfare 6  
ANSC201 Animal Structure and Function 6  
ANUT321 Animal Nutrition 6  
BCHM240 Biochemistry and Microbiology for Rural Science 6  
BIOL110 Biology I 6  
BIOL120 Biology II 6  
CHEM110 Chemistry I 6  
CHEM120 Chemistry II 6  
ECON223 Farm and Resource Management 6  
GENE210 Introductory Genetics 6  
GENE351 Introduction to Breeding and Genetics 6  
PA335/435 Precision Agriculture 6  
RSNR110 Sustaining Our Rural Environment I 6  
RSNR120 Sustaining Our Rural Environment II 6  
SOIL222 Soil Science 6  
SOIL311 Productive Soil Systems 6  
STAT100 Introduction to Statistical Modelling 6  
STAT210 Statistical Modelling and Experimental Design 6  
And complete 6 credit points from the following units: 6 cps
MTHS110 Quantitative Skills with Applications 6  
MTHS120 Calculus and Linear Algebra 1 6  
Practical Experience
PRACEXP Practical Experience 0  
Complete 16 weeks of practical experience as prescribed by the School. Further details can be found at the following link ERS Practical Experience.  
Listed Units
* Coursework candidates complete 18 to 30 credit points from the following units:
* Honours candidates complete 18 credit points from the following units:
18-30 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AGRO422 Integrated Weed Management 6  
AGSY430 International Agricultural Systems 6  
ANPR315/415 Constraints to Animal Production 6  
ANPR417 Disease and its Control in Animals 6  
ANPR440 Feedlot Management 6  
ANPR460 Beef Production 6  
ANSC314 Animal Biosecurity 6  
ANUT300 Applied Animal Nutrition 6  
BCHM210 Introductory Molecular Biology and Biochemistry I 6  
BCHM310 Proteins - The Machines of Life 6  
BOTY370 Mycology and Plant Pathology 6  
CANI300/400 Working Canines 6  
CANI310/410 Wild Dog Ecology 6  
COTT300/400 Applied Cotton Production 6  
EM311 Land Assessment for Sustainable Use 6  
EM323 Wildlife Ecology and Management 6  
GENE322 Genetics of Populations 6  
GENE422 Genetic Evaluation and Breeding Program Design 6  
GRNS300/400 Agronomy of Grains Production 6  
HORT420 Horticultural Science and Management 6  
MEAT418 Meat Technology 6  
MICR350 Clinical Microbiology and Virology 6  
OSSE300 Overseas Study Experience 6  
PLTY301 Poultry Production 6  
PSIO331 Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology 6  
PSIO332 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology 6  
RSNR302/402 Integrated Water Resource Management 6  
RSNR303/403 Sustainable Land Management 6  
SOIL310 Soils, Pollution and the Environment 6  
SOIL431 Soils in Practice 6  
WOOL312/412 Sheep Production 6  
WOOL322/422 Wool Marketing and Clip Preparation 6  
WOOL472 Wool Technology 6  
WOOL482 Wool Processing 6  
ZOOL326 Animal Behaviour 6  
ZOOL328 Insect-Plant Interactions 6  
Honours Unit
* Coursework candidates complete 0 credit points.
* Honours candidates complete the following unit:
0-12 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
RUSC490 Rural Science/Livestock Science Honours 12  
Elective Units
Complete 0 to 12 credit points from the following:
0 to 12 cps
Elective Units can be selected from any unit offered by the University subject to candidates meeting overall course requirements and prerequisite and timetabling requirements for individual units.  
Total 192 cps

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