Bachelor of Science

Computational Science

Program of Study Credit Points
Core Units for this Major
Complete the following units:
24 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
COSC110 Introduction to Programming and the UNIX Environment 6  
COSC120 Object Oriented Programming 6  
Calculus and Linear Algebra 1
STAT100 Introduction to Statistical Modelling 6  
And complete 18 credit points from the following units: 18 cps
AMTH140 Discrete Mathematics 6  
BIOL110 Biology I 6  
BIOL120 Biology II 6  
CHEM110 Chemistry I 6  
CHEM120 Chemistry II 6  
GEOL110 Our Blue Planet 6  
GEOL120 Dynamic Earth 6  
PHYS131 Applied Physics I 6  
PHYS132 Applied Physics II 6  
#Prescribed Units for this Major
Complete the following units:
42 cps
COSC220 Software Development Studio 2 6  
COSC370 User Experience and Interaction Design 6  
COSC380 Algorithms in Machine Learning 6  
SCI210 Introduction to Scientific Programming 6  
STAT210 Statistical Modelling and Experimental Design 6  
STAT320 Advanced Statistical Modelling 6  
STAT330 Statistical Learning 6  
#Students undertaking a second major must be aware that a unit common to both majors at 200/300-level counts towards one major only. In these circumstances students are to select a Listed Unit from the relevant Major.  
Course Requirements 60 cps

To achieve an overall total of 144 credit points candidates must complete a further 60 credit points by either:
Completing ONE Minor, Listed Units and Elective Units;
Completing a Second Major and Elective Units;
Completing the Listed Units for this Major and Elective Units.

Group 1 - Listed Units for candidates undertaking this Major
Candidates completing TWO Majors complete 0 credit points.
Candidates completing ONE Major and ONE Minor MUST complete 12 credit points at 200 level from the following units;
Candidates completing ONE Major must complete24 credit points at 200-level from the following units:
0-24 cps
AGRO211 Identification and Adaptation of Agricultural Plants 6  
AGRO223 Agricultural Ecology and Crop Physiology 6  
AMTH250 Introduction to Programming in The Sciences 6  
ANPR211 Animal Production Systems and Product 6  
ASTY221 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics 6  
BCHM210 Introductory Molecular Biology and Biochemistry I 6  
BCHM220 Introductory Biochemistry II 6  
CHEM204 Biological and Organic Chemistry 6  
CHEM210 Physical Chemistry: Quantum and Thermal Structure 6  
CHEM220 Inorganic Chemistry 6  
CHEM250 Analytical Chemistry 6  
COSC210 Database Management Systems 6  
COSC230 Data Structures and Algorithms 6  
COSC240 Operating Systems 6  
COSC250 Programming Paradigms 6  
ECOL203 Ecology - Populations to Ecosystems 6  
ECOL204 Ecological Methods 6  
EVOL211 Evolution and Biogeography 6  
GENE210 Introductory Genetics 6  
GENE251 Introduction to Breeding and Genetics 6  
MICR220 Introductory Microbiology 6  
PHYS204 Electromagnetism 1 6  
PHYS207 Fluid Physics 6  
PHYS208 Topics in Advanced Physical Sciences 6  
PHYS213 Sensors and Signal Processing 6  
SOIL222 Soil Science 6  
STAT270 Inference 6  
ZOOL203 Vertebrate Zoology - Evolution and Diversity 6  
ZOOL210 Invertebrate Zoology 6  
ZOOL220 Entomology 6  
Group 2 - Listed Units for candidates undertaking this Major
Candidates completing TWO majors complete 0 credit points.
Candidates completing ONE Major and ONE Minor MUST complete 12 credit points at 300 level from the following units;
Candidates completing ONE Major must complete 18 credit points at 300-level from the following units:
0-18 cps
AGRO311 Plant Protection 6  
AGRO321 Crop Production 6  
ANPR315 Constraints to Animal Production 6  
ANPR321 Animal Function, Health and Welfare 6  
ANUT300 Applied Animal Nutrition 6  
BCHM310 Proteins - The Machines of Life 6  
BCHM341 Clinical Biochemistry and Cell Biology 6  
BTEC360 Biotechnology and Advanced Molecular Biology 6  
CHEM302 Advanced Organic Chemistry 6  
CHEM303 Medicinal Chemistry 6  
CHEM305 Applied Physical Chemistry 6  
CHEM306 Materials Chemistry 6  
COSC330 Parallel and Distributed Computing 6  
COSC350 Artificial Intelligence 6  
COSC360 Advanced Web Programming 6  
COTT300 Applied Cotton Production 6  
ERS301 Applied Research Skills in Environmental and Rural Science 6  
ECOL307 Ecology of Plant Populations 6  
ECOL320 Molecular Ecology 6  
EM323 Wildlife Ecology and Management 6  
EM333 Spatial Analysis and Modelling 6  
EM334 Introduction to GIS and Spatial Thinking 6  
EM336 Remote Sensing and Image Analysis 6  
EM351 Ecosystem Rehabilitation 6  
GENE322 Genetics of Populations 6  
GENE352 Genomic Analysis and Bioinformatics 6  
GRNS300 Agronomy of Grains Production 6  
PA335 Precision Agriculture 6  
PHYS301 Microscopic to Macroscopic Physics and Chemistry 6  
PHYS311 Digital Electronic Systems 6  
PHYS313 Applied Photonics 6  
SCI395 Science Report 6  
SOIL310 Soils, Pollution and the Environment 6  
WOOL312 Sheep Production 6  
ZOOL326 Animal Behaviour 6  
ZOOL328 Insect-Plant Interactions 6  
ZOOL329 Evolutionary Parasitology 6  
Elective Units
Complete 0 to 18 credit points with not more than 6 credit points at 100-level.
0-18 cps
The number of credit points and level will vary depending on whether candidates undertake ONE or TWO Majors or ONE Major and ONE Minor.
Elective Units can be selected from any unit offered by the University subject to candidates meeting overall prerequisite and timetabling requirements for individual units.
Total 144 cps

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