Bachelor of Science


Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Units for this Minor
Complete the following unit:
6 cps
AFM320 Accounting and Finance for Business 6  
Listed Units for this Minor
And complete 18 credit points from the following units:
18 cps
AFM324 Small Business Management 6  
BUS202 International Business 6  
BUS301 Business and Economic Analysis of Chains and Networks 6  
ECON326* Benefit-Cost Analysis 6


ECON329 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 6  
ECON331 Introductions to Bioeconomics 6  
MM200 Managing People and Organisations 6  
QM365 Business Decision Making 6  
* Students wishing to complete this unit will need to complete ECON101 as an Elective.  
Course Requirements 120 cps

To achieve an overall total of 144 credit points candidates must complete a further 120 credit points by completing a Major, Listed Units for this Major and Elective Units.

Total 144 cps

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