Diploma in Paralegal Studies

Why study the Diploma in Paralegal Studies at UNE?

The Diploma in Paralegal Studies course provides students with the opportunity to complete a course dedicated to preparatory skills and studies in law, regardless of their educational background.

This course will be attractive to students who would like to graduate with a degree by completing 8 units. This course also offers students who wish to continue their studies in law the opportunity to transfer to the Bachelor of Legal Studies or to take advantage of the pathway to a law degree (provided they satisfy the GPA requirement). It will also attract those with a general interest in law and those who wish to study particular areas of law in order to be able to work, for example, as a paralegal or legal secretary.

Career Opportunities

This course will enhance career opportunities for those who want to work in, what might be described as, an ever-changing legal services market. Almost every industry across the private and public sector depends on professionals with an excellent understanding of the law and skills in legal reasoning. In particular, this course will provide graduates with legal knowledge to equip them to be paralegals working for in-house lawyers (the fastest growing sector in law at present), not just legal practices or law firms, or to pursue a range of careers in areas such as banking and finance, communications and public relations, corporate governance, court administration, information technology publishing, justice departments, politics and public policy-making.

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Degree Snapshot


1 Year Full-time
Up to 4 years Part-time


CSP (quotas apply)


Trimester 1, Online
Trimester 1, On Campus
Trimester 2, Online
Trimester 2, On Campus
Trimester 3, Online

Official Abbreviation DipParalegStuds
Course Type Undergraduate
CRICOS Code 099083G
Responsible Campus Admission Period Mode of Study
Armidale Trimester 1 Online
Armidale Trimester 1 On Campus
Armidale Trimester 2 Online
Armidale Trimester 2 On Campus
Armidale Trimester 3 Online
Course Duration
  • 1 Year Full-time
  • Up to 4 years Part-time
Fees CSP (quotas apply) / International
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Total Credit Points 48
How to Apply

All domestic students apply through the link below

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International students apply direct to UNE through UNE International. This course is only available online (distance education).

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Intensive Schools

Mandatory intensive schools may be a requirement of some of the units in this course. See Unit Catalogue for specific requirements.

Entry Requirements

A candidate shall be qualified for admission (see Admission Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Coursework) Rule and Admission Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Coursework) Procedures).

Advanced Standing

Candidates are referred to the University Policy on Advanced Standing.


The University offers a number of faculty/college and country scholarships available to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Academic Colours

Ultramarine (BCC 148)

Further Information

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Course rules and plans for the Diploma in Paralegal Studies, 2019, will be available between November and January. Course information relating to other years is available by selecting the year required from the list at the top right hand side of the page.
Course Aims

The Diploma of Paralegal Studies aims to graduate students who can demonstrate:

a knowledge of the fundamentals of the Australian legal system;

knowledge of areas that include criminal law, dispute resolution, law and first peoples of Australia;

competence in written communication.

Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  1. demonstrate knowledge and have an understanding of law's purpose and its application;
  2. demonstrate an ability to reflect upon and appreciate law's effect on society;
  3. demonstrate an introductory knowledge of the fundamental areas of law, law's values and principles, and an awareness of Indigenous legal issues;
  4. demonstrate an awareness of personal and social responsibility through an awareness of ethical issues in a legal context; and
  5. be accountable for their own learning by being independent and self-directed learners, and personally practising ethical conduct.
Graduate Attributes
Knowledge of a Discipline

Graduates will understand the fundamental discipline areas of the law of Australia and will also have an awareness of indigenous and international perspectives.

Communication Skills

Graduates will be able to communicate legal information or arguments to a range of audiences in both legal and non-legal contexts.

Problem Solving

Graduates will be able to identify legal issues, apply the law and construct ethically appropriate solutions.

Information Literacy

Graduates will be able to evaluate legal information from a range of sources using technology and communicate it to a range of audiences.

Ethical Conduct and Social Responsibility

Graduates will be able to recognise ethical issues that may arise in the legal context and how to act in a socially responsible way.

Lifelong Learning

Graduates will recognise the need to take personal responsibility for the ongoing currency of their legal knowledge appreciating that law is a tool for social justice; and that law is a dynamic discipline.

Independence and Collaboration

Graduates will develop skills in independent study as well as the ability to work collaboratively. They will learn the importance of participating in discussions in a professional, respectful and ethical manner.

How to Apply

Domestic Students

All domestic students apply through the link below

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International Students

International students apply direct to UNE through UNE International. This course is only available online (distance education).

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