Diploma in Science

OUA Program

Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Units for this Program
Complete the following units:
24 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
CHEM100 Introductory Chemistry 6  
MTHS100 Introduction to Quantitative Skills 6  
PHYS100 Introductory Physics 6  
SCI100 Science in Practice 6  
Listed Units for this Program
Complete 24 credit points from the following units:
24 cps
AMTH140 Discrete Mathematics 6  
COSC101 Software Development Studio 1 6  
COSC110 Introduction to Programming in the UNIX Environment 6  
COSC120 Object Orientated Programming 6  
EVOL102 Evolution in the Fossil Record 6  
FSC102 Fundamentals in Forensic Science 6  
GEOL110 Our Blue Planet 6  
MTHS110 Quantitative Skills with Applications 6  
MTHS120 Calculus and Linear Algebra 1 6  
MTHS130 Calculus and Linear Algebra 2 6  
STAT100 Introduction to Statistical Modelling 6  
Or no more than two units at 200 and 300-level may be selected from the units below:  
ASTY221 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics 6  
COSC240 Operating Systems 6  
COSC260 Web Programming 6  
GEOL202 Introductory Palaeontology 6  
GEOL313 Environmental Geology 6  
HDEV201 Introduction to Human Development 6  
HUMN240 Issues in Human Nutrition 6  
PMTH212 Multivariable Calculus 6  
SCI210 Introduction to Scientific Programming 6  
STAT210 Statistical Modelling and Experimental Design 6  
Total 48 cps

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