Graduate Certificate in Arts

Environmental Advocacy

For candidates admitted under Rule (b)
Program of Study Credit Points
Advanced Standing
Block advanced standing granted for candidates who hold an AQF Level 7 Bachelor qualification with a major in a relevant discipline.
24 cps
Advanced Standing 24  
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 24 credit points from the following units:
24 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
AGEX510 Agricultural and Natural Resource Extension 6  
ARPA552 Public Archaeology and Management 6  
ECON531 Introduction to Bioeconomics 6  
EDCX510 Learning in Social Movements 6  
EM512 Environmental Impact Assessment 6  
ENGL582 Literature and the Environment 6  
GEPL535 Environmental Planning and Administration 6  
GEPL541 Environmental Biogeography 6  
GEPL570 Place-making for People and the Environment 6  
IDIG511 Indigenous Peoples and Colonisation: Land and Nature 6  
NR511 Natural Resource Policy and the Community 6  
PAIS506 Avoid Economic Deception: Study Political Economy 6  
PAIS516 Paradise Lost? Governance in the Pacific 6  
PAIS565 Politics and the Environment: Intersecting Crises 6  
PAIS575 Mass Media and Politics 6  
PEAC503 Active resistance: Contemporary Nonviolence 6  
PEAC504 Environmental Security and Peaceful Futures 6  
PEAC508 Creating Cultures of Peace 6  
PEAC528 Resolution or Transformation of Conflict 6  
PEAC573 Globalisation as if People and Ecosystems Matter 6  
PEAC588 Refugees, Rights and Responsibilities across the Contemporary World 6  
PHIL566 The Ethics of Environmentalism 6  
PSYC515 Environmental Psychology: How to Tame an Ecological Serial Killer 6  
SOCY501 Changing Climate, Changing Lives 6  
Total 48 cps

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