Graduate Certificate in Arts


For candidates admitted under Rule (a)
Program of Study Credit Points
Prescribed Units for this Major
Complete the following units:
24 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
GEPL111 Earth in Crisis? 6  
GEPL112 Where in the World? Australia's Human Geography 6  
GEPL311 Catchment to Coast 6  
GEPL322 Cradle to Grave: Population Geography 6  
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 24 credit points from the following units:
24 cps
GEPL401/501 Economic Change and Urban Development 6  
GEPL402/502 Architecture and Urban Design 6  
GEPL409 Natural Hazards 6  
GEPL415 Uncertainty, Science and Policy-Making 6  
GEPL420/520 Principles of Development Control 6  
GEPL445/545 Regional Development: Processes and Policies 6  
GEPL450/550 Transport and Land Use Planning 6  
GEPL490/590 Planning Policy for Hazards 6  
GEPL508 Environmental Change in Australia 6  
GEPL516 Urban Living 6  
GEPL521 Population, Health and Environment 6  
GEPL535 Environmental Planning and Administration 6  
GEPL541 Environmental Biogeography 6  
GEPL570 Place-making for People and the Environment 6  
Total 48 cps

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Commencing in Trimester 2

Commencing in Trimester 3

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