Graduate Diploma in Science


Program of Study
Students who are transitioning from a different discipline background should complete 12 credit points at the lower level (where available) from Group 2 before enrolling in Group 1 units.
Credit Points
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 48 credit points with at least 30 credit points at 400-level or above from the following units:
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
Group 1 - Complete 24-48 credit points from the following units: 24-48 cps
NEUR331 Neurobiology I 6  
NEUR332 Neuroanatomy 6  
NEUR333 Neurobiology II 6  
NEUR334 Neurobiology of Developmental, Cognitive and Affective Disorders 6  
NEUR335 Clinical Neuroscience 6  
NEUR530 A Walk Through the Brain 6  
NEUR337/537 Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour 6  
PSIO411 Human Physiology 6  
SCI499 Graduate Diploma in Science Thesis 12  
Group 2 - Complete 0-24 credit points from the following units: 0-24 cps
HDEV401 Introduction to Human Development 6  
HDEV503 Clinical and Neurobiological Issues in Disability Management 6  
HDEV504 Biomedical Basis of Disability Identification, Impact and Resourcing 6  
HDEV505 Biomedical and Functional Impact of Disability 6  
HDEV506 Biobehavioural Strategies for Managing Disability 6  
PHAR232 Pharmacology for Research 6  
PSIO230 Pathophysiology 6  
PSIO331 Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology 6  
PSIO450/550 Immunology and Haematology 6  
SCI410 Introduction to Scientific Programming 6  
SCI505 Science Practicum 6  
WORK300 Work Integrated Learning - Professional Skills Development 6  
Total 48 cps

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