Master of Arts

Political and International Studies

For candidates admitted under Rule (c)
Program of Study Credit Points
Advanced Standing Block advanced standing granted for candidates who hold an AQF Level 8 Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor with Honours or an AQF Level 9 Masters qualification in a relevant discipline. 48 cps
Advanced Standing 48  
Prescribed Units for this Major
Complete the following units:
18 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
HASS500 The Foundations of Research for the Master of Arts 6  
PAIS502 Political Ideologies 6  
PAIS514 21st Century International Relations 6  
And complete 6 to 18 credit points from the following units: 6-18 cps
HUMS507 Minor Research Project 6  
HUMS508 Major Research Project 12  
Listed Units for this Major
Complete 12 to 18 credit points from the following units:
12-18 cps
HUMS505 Reading Unit A 6  
PAIS506 Avoid Economic Deception: Study Political Economy 6  
PAIS508 Modern Political Thinkers 6  
PAIS513 China and the World 6  
PAIS515 Contemporary Challenges to Global Security 6  
PAIS516 Paradise Lost? Governance in the Pacific 6  
PAIS518 Australia's Relations with Asia 6  
PAIS520 Classical Political Thinkers 6  
PAIS552 International Human Rights 6  
PAIS561 Sex, Crime and Corruption 6  
PAIS565 Politics and the Environment: Intersecting Crises 6  
PAIS570 Contemporary Issues in Australian Politics 6  
PAIS575 Mass Media and Politics 6  
PAIS580 Dragon in Chains? Contemporary Chinese Politics 6  
PAIS590 Politics in the Developing World 6  
Elective Units
Complete 0 to 12 credit points at 500-level:
0-12 cps
Elective Units can be selected from any unit offered by the University, including those listed above, subject to candidates meeting overall course requirements and prerequisite and timetabling requirements for individual units.  
Total 96 cps

Course Plans for each Commencing Trimester

Commencing in Trimester 1

Commencing in Trimester 2

Commencing in Trimester 3

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