Master of Philosophy

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Master of Philosophy (Arts)


In addition to the admission pathways in Rule 1 applicants may be admitted through completion of the Master of Philosophy (Arts) Preliminary course or such other course that the Committee or on the recommendation of the Head of School accepts as equivalent. The program for any preliminary course shall be determined by the Committee on the recommendation of the head of the school in which study is intended.


A2.1. Subject to the approval of the Committee and Head of School, a candidate may present for examination either:

  1. a thesis; or
  2. a combination of thesis and portfolio of creative works, as determined on admission. A portfolio of creative works may include literature, music compositions, performance, or other items approved by the Committee on the recommendation of the Head of School concerned. The portfolio will include an essay linking the individual items thematically or in terms of intellectual development. Where a candidate proceeds on the basis of both a thesis and a portfolio of creative works the length of the thesis and of the essay will be stipulated on admission to candidature by the Committee on recommendation of the relevant Head of School.

A2.2. The candiate shall pursue a course of study in one of, or a combination of, the subjects:

  1. Ancient History
  2. Archaeology and Anthropology
  3. Asian Studies
  4. Chinese
  5. Classics (Greek and Latin)
  6. English
  7. French
  8. Gender Studies
  9. Geography
  10. German
  11. History
  12. Indigenous Studies
  13. Indonesian
  14. Islamic Studies
  15. Italian
  16. Japanese
  17. Linguistics
  18. Media and Communications
  19. Music
  20. Peace Studies
  21. Political and International Studies
  22. Psychology
  23. Studies in Religion
  24. Theatre and Performance
  25. Writing