Master of Philosophy

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Master of Philosophy (Business)


B1.1. On the approval of the supervisor, a student must complete units to the value of at least 72 credit points comprising:

  1. course work to the value of 24 credit points; and
  2. a major dissertation to the value of 48 credit points.

B1.2. A candidate must achieve a Credit average in the units approved for the course.
B1.3. Except with the permission of the course coordinator and approval of the supervisor, a student must complete the units:

  1. BUS505, BUS558 and BUS592; and
  2. 12 credit points from: AFM420, AFM524, AFM531, BUS502, BUS500, COSC472, ECON406, MM403, MM405, MM431, MM439, MM521, MM540, MM551, MM573, MM491.

B1.4. In special circumstances, and with the approval of the supervisor, a student may substitute other units where it has been deemed that the student has completed an equivalent unit in a previous award.


At the discretion of the supervisor and on recommendation of the Head of School, a candidate may be granted up to 12 credit points of advanced standing only for course work units passed prior to admission, provided they have reasonable correspondence with University units prescribed for the degree.