Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)

Program of Study Course cps
Core Units
Complete the following units:
90 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
HLTH510 Foundations for Mental Health Practice 6  
HLTH554A Capstone Project 6  
HSSW305 Social Work Through the Lifespan 6  
HSSW400 Disadvantage and Service Provision 6  
HSSW401 Social Work Direct Practice Skills 6  
HSSW450 Fieldwork 1 18  
HSSW504 Juvenile Justice and Child Protection 6  
HSSW510 Social Work Intervention Models and Skills 6  
HSSW511 Groups and Communities 6  
HSSW513 Human Rights, the Law and Social Justice 6  
HSSW550 Fieldwork 2 18  
Listed Units
Complete 6 credit points from the following units:
6 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
HLTH423 Focused Psychological Strategies in Mental Health 6  
HLTH425 Assessment and Management of Substance Abuse and Dependence 6  
HSCS474 Counselling for Loss and Grief 6  
HSCS478 Counselling for Trauma 6  
HSHM500 Leadership in Healthcare 6  
HSHM518 Incident Management in Healthcare 6  
HSHM541 Managing People in Healthcare 6  
HSSW507 Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention 6  
OORA400 Working with Aboriginal People 6  
OSSE500 Overseas Study Experience 6  
Total 96 cps

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Commencing in Trimester 3

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