Master of Teaching (Primary)

Program of Study Course cps
Core Units
Complete the following units:
48 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
EDCX505 Aboriginal Education 6  
EDEE500 Literacies and Numeracies in Context 6  
EDIT502 ICT in Education 6  
EDLT500 Planning for Effective Learning 6  
EDSP510 Inclusive Teaching: PrEx 30 days 6  
EDUC503 Teaching for Cultural Diversity-EAL/D Students 6  
EDUC540 Classroom Management and Research: Online PrEx 10 days 6  
EDUC550 Research Project and Professional Experience: PrEx 20 days 6  
Curriculum Units
And complete the following units:
48 cps
EDAE303 Creative Arts Key Learning Areas 6  
EDEE328 Primary English 1: Language, Literature, Literacy 6  
EDEE329 Primary English 2: Language, Literature, Literacy 6  
EDME358 Primary Mathematics 2A: Space, Measurement and Number 6  
EDME369 Primary Mathematics 2B: Statistics, Algebra and Number 6  
EDPE314 Health and Physical Education in the Primary School 6  
EDSE359 Teaching Primary Science and Technology 6  
EDSS379 Primary School Society and Environment Teaching 6  
Total 96 cps

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Commencing in Trimester 2

Commencing in Trimester 3

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