TRACKS Tertiary Preparation Program

Program of Study Course cps
Core Units
Complete the following units:
30 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
TRAX001 University and Study Skills 6  
TRAX002 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies 6  
TRAX003 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities 6  
TRAX005 Academic Literacy 6  
TRAX006 Information and Communication Technology in Higher Education 6  
Listed Units
Complete ONE of the following undergraduate units:
6 cps
Unit Code Unit Title Unit cps  
Archaeology, Environmental and Rural Science  
ARPA100* Great Excavations: Key Discoveries in Archaeology 6  
ARPA104* Archaeology: Principles and Practices 6  
ARPA107 Human Evolution and Archaeology 6  
GEPL111* Earth in Crisis? 6  
GEPL112* Where in the World? Australia's Human Geography 6  
RSNR110* Sustaining Our Rural Environment I 6  
RSNR120* Sustaining Our Rural Environment II 6  
Arts and Media  
COMM101* Screen Media 6  
COMM102* Media Convergence and Culture 6  
COMM103 Creative Industries and Communications 6  
EDEE100* English Language in Use 6  
ENGL101 Engaging with Literature 6  
ENGL103 Introduction to Literature: Children's Books 6  
LANG110 Bridging Languages and Cultures in the Digital Age 6  
MUSI101* Aural Skills 1 6  
MUSI111* Encounters in Music 6  
OORA100* Aboriginal Resilience and the Arts 6  
THEA110* Ideas of Theatre I 6  
THEA111* Ideas of Theatre II 6  
THEA134 Speaking in Public 6  
Business, Economics, Public Policy and Law  
AFM101 Introduction to Financial Accounting 6  
AFM112 Introduction to Management Accounting 6  
LAW100* Introduction to Legal Systems and Methods 6  
LAW101* Law in Context 6  
MM105 Communication for Business 6  
MM110* Fundamentals of Marketing 6  
EDAE124 Creative Arts Curriculum Studies 1 6  
EDCX135* History of Australian Education 6  
EDCX177* Religion in Australia 6  
EDEC102* Young Children's Resilience 6  
EDEC105* Pedagogy of Play 6  
EDEE112 English Pedagogy in the Primary Curriculum 6  
EDIT102* Assistive Technologies 6  
EDIT124* ICT Across the Curriculum 6  
EDLT115 Learners and Learning 6  
EDLT116 Learners and Teaching 6  
EDME145* Primary Mathematics 1: Numeracy 6  
EDPE150* Sociocultural Foundations of Health and Physical Education 6  
EDSP100* Learning Difficulties and Disabilities: An Introduction 6  
EDSP101* Gifted and Talented Education: An Introduction 6  
HHSC111 Science for Nurses 1 6  
HHSC112 Science for Nurses 2 6  
HLTH101 Information and Evidence in Health and Social Care 6  
HLTH103 Communication for Health Professionals 6  
HSSW105 Social Work Through the LifeSpan 6  
ANCH111* Introduction to Ancient Rome 6  
HIST150* Colonial Australia 6  
HIST151* Modern Australia 6  
PEAC100 Introduction to Peace Studies 6  
RELS180* Exploring the Sacred 6  
RELS182* World Religions Today 6  
RELS184* Magic and the Supernatural in History and Culture 6  
BIOL110* Biology I 6  
CHEM100* Introductory Chemistry 6  
EDSE101* Selected School Science Topics 6  
MTHS100* Introduction to Quantitative Skills 6  
MTHS110 Quantitative Skills with Applications 6  
PHYS100 Introductory Physics 6  
Social Sciences  
CRIM100* Understanding Crime 6  
LING150 Communicating in Culturally Diverse Contexts 6  
PAIS101* Beyond Lies and Spin: Why Politics Matters 6  
SOCY100* Introduction to Sociology 6  
SOCY110* Foundations of Society 6  
Sport Science and Physiology  
EXSC101* Monitoring Health and Sports Performance 6  
PSIO110 Introductory Human Physiology 1 6  
PSIO120 Introductory Human Physiology 2 6  

Or any other undergraduate unit at 100-level with permission of the TRACKS course coordinator.

*Units marked with an asterisk are NESA-approved bridging units and may be counted towards admission to undergraduate teaching degrees where three Band 5 HSC results, including one in English, are required. Note that EDEE100 is the English bridging unit, and that any bridging units taken must match separate HSC courses i.e. students cannot do multiple bridging units in the one HSC subject area.

Total 36 cps

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