ECON223 Farm and Resource Management

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Updated: 11 March 2020
Credit Points 6
Location Teaching Period Mode of Study
Armidale Trimester 1 Online
Armidale Trimester 1 On Campus
Intensive School(s) None
Supervised Exam There is a supervised exam at the end of the teaching period in which you are enrolled. The paper-based exam will be held at an established exam venue, and coordinated by UNE Exams Unit.
Pre-requisites 24cp or candidature in a postgraduate award
Co-requisites None
Restrictions ARE210 or BM203
Notes None
Combined Units None
Coordinator(s) Kara Tighe (
Unit Description

Managing farms and other natural resource-based businesses is especially complex because of the strong impact that international commodity markets and uncertain weather events have on profitability. This unit provides significant hands-on experience solving real-world problems. Students will develop skills to manage a farm business. The basic management functions of planning, implementing and monitoring business performance are covered. Techniques learned will allow students to assess the current state of the business and to evaluate potential improvements to enhance profitability and sustainability while accounting for the limited resources available to the operation.

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The Farming Game

ISBN: 9780521537551
Malcolm, B., Makeham, J.P. and Wright, V., CUP 2nd ed. 2005

Text refers to: Trimester 1, On Campus and Online

Disclaimer Unit information may be subject to change prior to commencement of the teaching period.
Title Exam Length Weight Mode No. Words
Compulsory Assignment 1 15% 1200
Assessment Notes

Problem Solving and Short Answer Questions

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1, 5

Compulsory Assignment 2 15% 1200
Assessment Notes

Problem Solving and Short Answer Questions

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 2, 3, 5

Compulsory Assignment 3 20% 1600
Assessment Notes

Problem Solving and Short Answer Questions

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1, 4, 5

Compulsory Final Examination 2 hrs 15 mins 50%
Assessment Notes

Students must obtain at least 50% in the examination (and at least 50% overall) to receive a pass (or better) in the unit.

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1, 4, 5

Learning Outcomes (LO) Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. identify and evaluate the financial and economic performance of a farm business by producing a set of benchmark budgets;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of economic and resource consequences of changes to the farm operation;
  3. analyse information and undertake basic risk analysis in the context of agricultural production;
  4. identify appropriate strategies for whole-farm analysis by integrating management objectives, resource constraints and optimisation techniques (linear programming); and
  5. design and implement spreadsheets as analytical tools for farm and resource management.