GEOL303 Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry

Updated: 29 November 2018
Credit Points 6
Responsible Campus Teaching Period Mode of Study
Armidale Trimester 1 Online
Armidale Trimester 1 On Campus
Intensive School(s)

Intensive schools are for students enrolled in Online Mode only, unless specified in the notes.

Start Finish Attendance Notes
01 February 2019 06 February 2019 Mandatory Students are expected to bring a laptop computer with a programme such as Microsoft Excel installed. Both on campus and online students must attend the mandatory intensive school which includes a two-day field excursion.
Supervised Exam There is a supervised exam at the end of the teaching period in which you are enrolled. The paper-based exam will be held at an established exam venue, and coordinated by UNE Exams Unit.
Pre-requisites GEOL120 and CHEM120
Co-requisites None
Restrictions None
Notes None
Combined Units None
Coordinator(s) Nancy Vickery (
Unit Description

This unit explores the theory, practice and interpretation of chemical analysis of geological materials in the fields of exploration and environmental geochemistry. Students will learn principles of trace element geochemistry, exploration geochemistry, stable isotope applications, and methods of geochemical data interpretation. Students will undertake exercises in laboratory, field sampling, identification of environmental geochemical hazards, and data evaluation. Laboratory work will include sample handling and preparation, use of analytical equipment and interpretation of data collected.

Materials No text required
Disclaimer Unit information may be subject to change prior to commencement of the teaching period.
Title Exam Length Weight Mode No. Words
Compulsory Assignment 30% 2000
Assessment Notes

Geochemical data

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1-3, 5

Compulsory Practicum 40% 2000
Assessment Notes

Group work involving an oral presentation

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1-5

Compulsory Theory Examination 30% 2000
Assessment Notes

Theory exam

Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1-5

Learning Outcomes (LO) Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. demonstrate a broad and coherent understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of geochemical analyses of geological materials, streamwater, rock and sediment and express this verbally and through written means;
  2. apply sampling techniques in practice; this will demonstrate the student's ability to analyse and evaluate information to complete a particular activity;
  3. apply sample preparation techniques and understand their limitations; and by doing so the student will also demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge and skills, to work autonomously and use well-developed judgment;
  4. understand the limitations in data interpretation due to sample density and contamination issues; and therefore demonstrate the ability to apply skills and knowledge to show autonomy and well-developed judgment; and
  5. demonstrate the ability to analyse and evaluate information in order to interpret and present geochemical data and explain the distribution of data and identification of geochemical anomalies verbally and in written reports.