PEAC100 Introduction to Peace Studies

Updated: 14 December 2018
Credit Points 6
Responsible Campus Teaching Period Mode of Study
Armidale Trimester 1 Online
Armidale Trimester 1 On Campus
Intensive School(s) None
Supervised Exam There is a supervised exam at the end of the teaching period in which you are enrolled. The paper-based exam will be held at an established exam venue, and coordinated by UNE Exams Unit.
Pre-requisites None
Co-requisites None
Restrictions PDPS200 or PEAC200
Notes None
Combined Units None
Coordinator(s) Bert Jenkins (
Unit Description

The unit examines the meanings of conflict, violence and peace. It explores positive peace, negative peace and nonviolence. It considers the various challenges of conflict transformation from cultures of violence to peace and peaceful futures, by focusing on peacemaking and reconciliation.

Prescribed Material


Note: Students are expected to purchase prescribed material. Please note that textbook requirements may vary from one teaching period to the next.

Approaches to Peace: A Reader in Peace Studies

ISBN: 9780190637590
Barash, D. (ed), Oxford University Press 4th ed. 2018

Note: The 3rd ed. (ISBN: 9780199949151) is also acceptable for this unit.

Text refers to: Trimester 1, On Campus and Online

Disclaimer Unit information may be subject to change prior to commencement of the teaching period.
Title Exam Length Weight Mode No. Words
Compulsory Assessment 1 50% 2000
Assessment Notes


Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)


Compulsory Final Examination 2 hrs 15 mins 50% 2000
Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO)

LO: 1-3

Learning Outcomes (LO) Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. demonstrate specialised knowledge of major concepts about conflict, violence and peace;
  2. examine and analyse the major causes of violence;
  3. analyse and synthesise different approaches of achieving peace and alleviating conflict and violence; and
  4. transfer to others ideas and knowledge necessary to make peace happen in their lives and relationships.