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Unit ID Unit Title Teaching Period Mode Int School Exam


EDAE124 Creative Arts Curriculum Studies 1 TRI-1 OL, ON None No
EDAE210 Creative Arts in the Classroom (not offered in 2020) None No
EDAE213 Creativity in the Music Classroom (not offered in 2020) None No
EDAE224 Creative Arts Curriculum Studies 2 TRI-2 OL, ON None No
EDAE303 Creative Arts Key Learning Areas TRI-1, TRI-2 OL None No
EDAE311 Arts Experience and Learning (not offered in 2020) None No
EDAE312 Individual Project in Arts Education (not offered in 2020) None No
EDAE315 Visual Arts and Children TRI-1 OL None No
EDAE316 Drama Skills for Primary Teachers TRI-2 OL None No
EDAE317 Drama Skills for Secondary Teachers TRI-1 OL None No
EDAE336 Secondary Education: Drama 1 TRI-1 OL None No
EDAE337 Secondary Education: Drama 2 TRI-2 OL None No
EDAE395 Secondary Music Pedagogy Y7-10 TRI-1 OL None No
EDAE396 Secondary Music ICT TRI-2 OL None No
EDAE397 Secondary Music Pedagogy Y11-12 TRI-1 OL None No
EDAE398 Research-Based Secondary Music Pedagogy TRI-2 OL None No
EDAE417 Drama Skills for Secondary Teachers TRI-1 OL None No

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