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Unit ID Unit Title Teaching Period Mode Int School Exam


PSYC304 Health Psychology TRI-1 OL, ON None Yes
PSYC306 Organisational Psychology TRI-3 OL None Yes
PSYC307 Motivation and Emotion TRI-1 OL, ON None Yes
PSYC308 Sport and Exercise Psychology TRI-2 OL, ON None Yes
PSYC309 Cognitive Affective and Social Neuroscience TRI-1 OL, ON None Yes
PSYC314 Behaviour Modification TRI-1 OL, ON None Yes
PSYC315 Environmental Psychology: How to Tame an Ecological Serial Killer TRI-2, TRI-3 OL None Yes
PSYC316 Psychology of Perception TRI-2 OL None Yes
PSYC363 Abnormal Psychology TRI-3 OL None Yes
PSYC366 Biopsychology TRI-1 OL, ON Non-Mandatory Yes
PSYC371 Psychological Testing TRI-2 OL, ON Non-Mandatory Yes
PSYC372 Advanced Research Methods and Statistics TRI-2, TRI-3 OL, ON Non-Mandatory Yes
PSYC399 Special Topics in Psychological Research TRI-1, TRI-2, TRI-3 OL, ON None No

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