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Units with timetables
Unit ID Unit Title Teaching Periods
HHSC111 Science for Nurses 1 2
HHSC112 Science for Nurses 2 2
HINQ100 What is History? 1
HINQ101 The Historian 1
HINQ200 History: Uses and Abuses 1
HINQ201 Researching and Applying History 1
HIST111 Medieval Europe 1
HIST113 Early Modern Europe: From Reformation to Revolution 1
HIST150 Colonial Australia 1
HIST151 Modern Australia 1
HIST310 Being Bad: Sinners, Crooks, Deviants and Psychos 1
HIST313 Crime, Protest and Reform in the British World, 1780-1840 1
HIST324 Ashes to Ashes: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-1945 1
HIST328 Modern Europe in War and Peace: 1918 to yesterday 1
HIST336 Blood and Guts: The History of Medical Practice 1
HIST357 War, Nations and Empires: Modern Europe, 1789-1914 1
HIST361 The Cold War and Popular Culture 1
HIST363 The First World War, 1914-1918: History and Memory 1
HIST368 The Swinging Sixties: The 1960s in America, Britain and Australia 1
HLTH101 Information and Evidence in Health and Social Care 2
HLTH102 Interprofessional Practice in Health and Social Care 2
HLTH103 Communication for Health Professionals 2
HLTH104 The Context of the Health and Community Services 1
HLTH201 Community Services Fieldwork 1 1