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Units with timetables
Unit ID Unit Title Teaching Periods
LAW100 Introduction to Legal Systems and Methods 2
LAW101 Law in Context 2
LAW157 Alternative Dispute Resolution 1
LAW161 Criminal Law 1
LAW164 Law and First Peoples of Australia 1
LAW171 Law of Contract I 1
LAW220 Constitutional Law 1
LAW231 Law of Torts I 1
LAW232 Law of Torts II 1
LAW251 Corporation Law 2
LAW272 Law of Contract II 1
LAW281 Property Law I 1
LAW282 Property Law II 1
LAW301 Succession 1
LAW312 Criminal and Civil Procedure 1
LAW313 Evidence and Proof 1
LAW320 Professional Conduct 1
LAW321 Conveyancing 1
LAW323 Intellectual Property Law 1
LAW326 Human Rights 1
LAW336 Local Government Law 1
LAW337 Innovation Law 1
LAW340 Equity and Trusts 1
LAW341 Environmental Law 1