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Unit ID Unit Title Timetables Available
MATH101 Algebra and Differential Calculus 0
MATH102 Integral Calculus, Differential Equations and Introductory Statistics 0
MATH120 Introductory Mathematical Methods in Science and Economics 0
MATH123 Foundation Mathematics 0
MATH260 Probability and Simulation 1
MATH400 Honours in Mathematics 0
MATH460 Probability and Simulation 1
MATH501 Advanced Topics in Geometry 1
MATH502 Advanced Topics in Analysis 2
MATH503 Advanced Topics in Mathematics 2
MATH504 Advanced Topics in Algebra 1
MEAT418 Meat Technology 1
MEAT518 Meat Technology 1
MEDI1101A Clinical Sciences, Scholarship and Practice 1A 0
MEDI1101B Clinical Sciences, Scholarship and Practice 1B 0
MEDI2011 Professional Practice 2 0
MEDI2101A Clinical Sciences, Scholarship and Practice 2A 0
MEDI2101B Clinical Sciences, Scholarship and Practice 2B 0
MEDI3014 Health Equity Selectives 0
MEDI3017 General Practice and Subspecialties 1 0
MEDI3018 General Practice and Subspecialties 2 0
MEDI3101A Engaging in Clinical Practice A 0
MEDI3101B Engaging in Clinical Practice B 0
MEDI400 Medical Science Honours 0