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Units with timetables
Unit ID Unit Title Timetables Available
PA335 Precision Agriculture 1
PA435 Precision Agriculture 1
PAIS101 Beyond Lies and Spin: Why Politics Matters 1
PAIS102 Political Ideologies 0
PAIS103 International Relations: An Australian Perspective 1
PAIS113 International Relations of the Asia Pacific 0
PAIS302 Political Ideologies 1
PAIS306 Avoid Economic Deception: Study Political Economy 0
PAIS308 Modern Political Thinkers 0
PAIS313 China and the World 1
PAIS314 21st Century International Relations 1
PAIS315 Contemporary Challenges to Global Security 1
PAIS316 Paradise Lost? Governance in the Pacific 0
PAIS318 Australia's Relations with Asia 0
PAIS320 Classical Political Thinkers 1
PAIS352 International Human Rights 0
PAIS361 Sex, Crime and Corruption 0
PAIS363 Women, Family and the State in Asia 0
PAIS365 Politics and the Environment: Intersecting Crises 1
PAIS370 Contemporary Issues in Australian Politics 1
PAIS375 Mass Media and Politics 0
PAIS380 Dragon in Chains? Contemporary Chinese Politics 0
PAIS390 Politics in the Developing World 0
PAIS401H Political and International Studies Hons Coursework 0