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Units with timetables
Unit ID Unit Title Timetables Available
AFM101 Introduction to Financial Accounting 1
AFM103 Introductory Finance 0
AFM112 Introduction to Management Accounting 0
AFM202 Cost Management 0
AFM211 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1
AFM217 Financial Management I 1
AFM219 Financial Management II 0
AFM231 Corporate Finance 1
AFM242 Financial Instruments and Markets 0
AFM275 Accounting Information Systems 0
AFM301 Accounting Theory 0
AFM302 Financial Planning 0
AFM304 Financial Statement Analysis 0
AFM305 Advanced Financial Accounting 1
AFM306 Issues in Management Accounting 1
AFM319 Auditing 1
AFM321 Accounting Project 1
AFM322 Small Business Finance 1
AFM324 Small Business Management 1
AFM332 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 0
AFM335 International Financial Management 0
AFM340 Fraud Prevention and Investigation 1
AFM403 Management Accounting 0
AFM404 Fundamentals of Personal Finance 0