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Units with timetables
Unit ID Unit Title Timetables Available
CANI300 Working Canines 0
CANI310 Wild Dog Ecology 1
CANI400 Working Canines 0
CANI410 Wild Dog Ecology 1
CANI500 Working Canines 0
CANI510 Wild Dog Ecology 1
CHEM100 Introductory Chemistry 1
CHEM110 Chemistry I 1
CHEM120 Chemistry II 1
CHEM204 Biological and Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM210 Physical Chemistry: Quantum and Thermal Structure 1
CHEM220 Inorganic Chemistry 1
CHEM250 Analytical Chemistry 1
CHEM302 Advanced Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM303 Medicinal Chemistry 1
CHEM305 Applied Physical Chemistry 1
CHEM306 Materials Chemistry 1
CHEM403 Medicinal Chemistry 1
CHEM404 Biological and Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM502 Advanced Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM503 Medicinal Chemistry 1
CHEM505 Applied Physical Chemistry 1
CHEM506 Materials Chemistry 1
CHIN101 Chinese Language 1A 1