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Units with timetables
Unit ID Unit Title Timetables Available
LANG110 Bridging Languages and Cultures in the Digital Age 1
LANG301 Professional Portfolio in Translation 1
LANG501 Professional Portfolio in Translation 1
LAW100 Foundations of Law 3
LAW101 Law in Context 5
LAW102 Legal Professional Skills 3
LAW131 Torts Law 2
LAW157 Alternative Dispute Resolution 1
LAW162 Criminal Law 2
LAW164 Law and First Peoples of Australia 1
LAW172 Contract Law 2
LAW201 Sports Law 1
LAW206 Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law 1
LAW207 Water Law and Governance 1
LAW260 World Legal Systems 1
LAW261 Criminal Procedure 1
LAW270 Interviewing for Advocacy 1
LAW283 Property Law 1
LAW301 Succession 1
LAW306 Law Experiential Learning 3
LAW308 Employment Law 1
LAW310 Civil Dispute Resolution 1
LAW313 Evidence and Proof 2
LAW314 Advanced Criminal Law 1